2017 Davies/Fowler Wedding at Sandy Pines Golf Club in Demotte, IN

 First and foremost Meet with you the client to discuss what your expectations are.

 We are the Liaison with your venue and authorities - We ensure authorization is granted and all necessary permits are  filed in the interest of reassuring you and your chosen venue.

 Public liability insurance – We are covered by our standard specialised firework public liability insurance.

 Display site survey - For safety reasons we need to know the site we will be firing from. If we have not attended the  venue before we will use Google aerial maps and speak directly with the venue to establish a safe firing site and, where  necessary, perform a site survey.

 Risk assessment - We have a 100% safety record which we intend to keep. Every display has a full risk assessment done which considers all aspects of the firing site and weather conditions. All our operators are Certified and trained yearly in all safety aspects to insure a safe show.

 Planning of your fireworks display - Every fireworks display is different and we want you to get the best from yours. Our  highly experienced team will work with you to plan your display to perfection.

 Setting up your fireworks display - Our dedicated team of pyrotechnic specialists will arrive at a pre agreed time to set  up your display.

 Firing of your display - Your firework display will be set off with precision timing using our electronic firing system.

 Cleaning up after the display - We always clean up firing sites after each display and take the used fireworks away with  us. This helps us build a good relationship with wedding venues and ensures our waste is properly disposed of.


2017 SCAN Duck Race show

New ignitor test show plus new product clips after the show that we will be offering. We were testing some new ignitors ( which we will never use or sell since they failed during a show ) as well as a few new products. I believe in testing everything we sell to bring you the best products for your money.

Hollister Pyrotechnics- Leo, Indiana 2013

All of our technicians are trained yearly to insure your events safety as well as educated in the latest there is to offer.

Call or email for a personal quote. Each show is custom built for you, simply tell us what you want and we will do the rest.

We will be happy to meet with you and answer all your questions.

We have numerous videos on You tube, Search for Hollister Pyrotechnics and see for yourself some of our work.

Brian Hollister                                                                 

Hollister Pyrotechnics, LLC                        


Have a smaller budget but want someone to put on a Fireworks show for your private party, wedding or graduation party? Consumer shows available, contact us today to discuss.

 Hollister Pyrotechnics services

 include but not limited to:

 Fireworks show's


 Private parties


 Neighborhood Association parties


 4th of July firework shows

 Company picnics and events

 Special effects for film or website video's

 ​Stunt special effects

 Sporting events

​ Indoor stage productions

What Pyrotechnic service's include:

Wedding show from 2016, Location Shiloh

Congrats and thanks to: Gabrielle & Kyle

Fought rain and 15 mph winds and still turned out pretty good. The 16" Willow shell got lost in the clouds but still was pretty amazing.

Starter Show: $2000.00
The perfect way to highlight your wedding night and not break the bank. Crowd pleasing colorful effects that will leave your guest’s with a long lasting memory of your special day.

Wedding Party: $2500.00
Similar to the Starter Show  but includes a special session to highlight your wedding photos with fireworks in the back round 

Shotgun Wedding: $3000.00
Includes Wedding Party and Starter Show along with a whole lot of “bang” to end the show. Guaranteed to get everyone’s attention. 

7/1/2017 TWO- EE's Winery Pyromusical part 1 is about 7 minutes into the show and 2 is the finale

2014 Shows

Class C 1.4 test show 4-19-2014

2017, Chesterton Indiana private party.

We did the fireworks at the end of this video.

  • 30:42

Fireworks Wedding package's

2017 SCAN Duck Race shooters view

Head cam view from the shooters table

Rock Star Wedding: $3500 and up
This package is customizable based on your set budget and the venue. Includes all services from the Starter Show, Wedding Party and Shotgun Wedding and can go up to a full blown Pyro-musical choreographed and shot to the music of your choice.

****These packages can also be used for any other type of event you would want.

****We can travel, call / email to discuss (additional travel charges may apply)

All packages come with all necessary permits.

We are licensed and insured and will work with the venue, photographers and local authorities if necessary from start to finish leaving nothing for you to worry about.

Wedding sparklers are also available to purchase for your guest’s to enjoy.

    * Wedding sparklers are included with any Rock Star Wedding package.

Book your show as far in advance as possible to guarantee your date.    

Contact us at: bhollister@hollister-pyrotechnics.com

(260) 445-5796

We accept Cash, Checks, PayPal and all major credit cards.