Mini Novelty Desktop 6" Mortar Rack

Makes a perfect gift for anyone who likes fireworks! Can hold pens and other office supplies.

$15.00 + FREE shipping within the USA

Premium Golf Ball Mortar​

This is the Ultimate gift for any golfer who likes a bang. This black powder mortar will launch a golf ball 1,2,300 + yards depending on the powder charge you use.
Base is made of premium hand finished oak. Each mortar is is milled and made by hand right here in the USA
You will not find a better quality one anywhere.

Each mortar comes with a starter kit to get you going.
Mortar supplies are available here as well.

$300.00 EA  ( Launch price is $250.00 for a limited time only )


Neon Brass Safety Pokes

​3/16" dia. 3.75" shaft  4"-4.25" overall length

​$15.00 EA


4.5" Colored Ties 100 Per Pack: $0.68

7" Colored Ties 100 Per Pack: $3.50 (currently sold out)

36" Natural Ties 50 Per Pack: $14.00